The Brief

Take a run-down 2500 acre Sisal Estate near the coast with great views but no major features, and turn it into Kenya’s first ever International Golf Estate!

The Result

"A stunning feat of imagination.”
The Kenya Nation


What a canvas! The only big feature was a HUGE fresh water lake, so I decided to pump it 2 kilometres along, and 140 metres up, to the highest part of the site, build the clubhouse there in a big pool, and let the water gravity-feed down from the first waterfall through a couple of thousand metres of streams, cascades and ponds .. creating some fantastic holes and attracting thousands of birds. What a build experience, two machines and hundreds of workers doing almost everything by hand. It’s been open for a two years now and is attracting a lot of attention.

The plots have sold really well, hundreds of homes are being built and a community of happy residents is growing.