Working with older courses is fraught with tension. like members who naturally feel their courses are beyond reproach… the “James Braid would turn in his grave” syndrome etc. However, engagement with the membership and a sensitive approach to change can … More

Killarney Golf Club

Tweaking such a lovely course wasn’t easy, but my Tour experience gave me an edge to know what would get the pro’s attention. The 10th hole in particular, where I’d brought Lough Leane into play caused a lot of problems. … More

Balmoral Golf Club

The original Balmoral is supposed to be an Alister MacKenzie layout. Taking such a historic course and making it relevant to ‘The Game’ today without losing its character is tricky. It’s a short course by modern standards so giving it … More

Ardglass Golf Club

That was a fitting tribute to a really go-ahead club. The land I was given was along a most beautiful bit of coastline, so my job was pretty easy. Judging by some of the testimonials, I think it worked.